Thursday, 2 February 2012

LH Group Gains RISAS

It is with great pleasure we can announce LH Group has been awarded the prestigious RISAS (Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme) certification for the overhaul and supply of wheelsets, bogies, engines and transmissions to the rail industry.

As part of our continuing endeavour to achieve quality excellence and supplier perfection representatives from numerous departments within the Group undertook the huge task of ensuring all of our working procedures would meet with RISAS exacting standards.

RIQC a RISAB (Rail Industry Supplier Approval Scheme Accreditation Body) visited LH Group Wheelsets and LH Group Services to assess the companies ability to reach the high standards required to achieve supplier approval. Over a two week period subject matter experts from RIQC assessed processes and documentation connected with the overhaul of wheelsets and bogies then moving onto engines and transmissions.

RISAS qualification was achieved in early July 2010 which brings with it the responsibility of being the first in the industry to be RISAS accredited for engines and transmissions.

We are extremely proud that LH Group has yet again led the way in an ever developing industry, this award further demonstrates our strong commitment to delivering only the very highest quality products and services to its customers.

For further information, please contact: Sarah Millington – Marketing Manager
LH Group Services Ltd.
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