Thursday, 1 April 2010

L H Group Services Expand Overhaul Facilities

L H Group Services, the largest independent UK supplier of DMU engines and transmissions are increasing their overhaul capacity by creating a new 20,000 sq ft works to meet increased demand for their products and services.

The Chairman, Mr Graham Lee said, “This increased capacity would enable the company to expand in to new areas of supply, further extend the customer base and our current product range. Utilising our extensive manufacturing facility shortens the supply chain to achieve continuation of quality, supply and achieve cost reduction for the customer. Our existing customer base sees this as a unique advantage in this increasingly competitive business.”

Mr Lee also confirmed that in addition to the extra capacity, L H Group has embarked on building a new improved test cell for DMU rafts, which will be operational in time for 2010.

In addition to the increase in space, LH Group Wheelsets Ltd are investing £500,000 in new equipment that will increase its wheelset capacity by 66%, enabling it to build over 5,000 wheelsets in 2010.

For further information, please contact:
Sarah Millington – Marketing Manager
LH Group Services Ltd.
Phone: 01283 722600
Email: Sarah Millington